Special Cables

Fire Resistance Cables:

Following UCIC determination to move into creating new business opportunities, together with its vision to diversify activities and its belief in thoughtful specialization and codified expansions, UCIC is acquiring all expertise and know-how in the field of fire resistance and will continue to operate and function within the normal pattern serving the business needs in the best punctual and professional manner. Accordingly fire resistance cables are now being manufactured as per the international standards for all cable sizes and according to the customers requirements.


Renewable Energy Cables:

United Cable Industries Company has always been attentive in coping with the new and innovative ideas for the alternative energy source which is so called Renewable Energy. While UCIC has been fulfilling the needs of the LV power cables demand in its various applications, unlike usual initiatives, our research and development is more focused now toward the specialized cables in which UCIC has started to develop and include within its types of products that would re-direct the reliance towards renewable energy. , consequently, the following new products can be considered to be added within the existing production lines: Solar Cables, Wind Turbines Cables, Nuclear Cables, Railway and Signaling Cables and Hydro Cables.


Solar Cables

Fire Resistance